Writing Letters in Spanish is very Rewarding

13 May 2019

Writing Letters in Spanish is very Rewarding

This year, Spanish in Edgecliff has embarked on a new venture. After visiting a few schools in Spain the Pen Pals program came to life with ‘El Pilar’ school, located in the city of Valencia.

All the Year 5 boys are participating in this initiative. They need to write at least one letter every term including a variety of topics, such as talking about themselves, their families, hobbies and school.

By creating these letters, the boys have the opportunity to improve their writing and reading skills in Spanish and gain more confidence in the use of the language. They are able to find similarities and differences in both languages by composing their letter in Spanish and receiving their answers in English.

Pen Pals is a wonderful reminder of simpler times. No matter how often we use technology, there is nothing like a letter. No form of technology-based communication produces the excitement on the boys’ faces like the arrival of a letter from their Pen Pals. As George Moisidis (Year 5) said, ‘My eyes lit up when I saw Don Salva with the envelopes.’

It also gives the boys a chance to figuratively break the classroom walls, learn about a different culture and write to an authentic audience.

This rewarding experience is creating a new path in Spanish as the program continues to expand.