Tommaso Favino Italian Literary Competition

23 May 2024

Tommaso Favino Italian Literary Competition

Under the auspices of the Dante Alighieri Society of Sydney, each year the Tommaso Favino Literary Competition takes place. In 2023, the theme was Il viaggio: cos’é per te? (what does travel represent to you?).

The competition is open to pupils of Italian language currently enrolled in a school, a university or in a community language school or in a cultural institution in the Sydney area. Participants can submit an essay, a poem, a piece of creative work (fiction) or a video in Italian.

Many pupils studying Italian participated and six of our boys from Form V and Form VI 2024 were awarded prizes for their entries.

At an Awards Ceremony on the 8 April 2024, the following prizes were awarded:

Miles Hopper (V) - Equal Second

Conrad Liu (V) - Equal Second

Jackson Chan(V) - Equal Third

Silvio Piccardi (VI) - Equal Third

Leonardo Zannier (V) -  Honourable Mention 

Raphael Carrasco (VI) - Honourable Mention 

The judges awarded the Prizes based on linguistic merit and creativity. Congratulations to all prizewinners on their achievements.