RFS volunteers deployed to Lismore

23 March 2022

RFS volunteers deployed to Lismore

The recent catastrophic flooding on the Far North Coast of NSW peaked at a record high of almost 14.5 meters and nothing could have prepared the residents for the degree of devastation that it caused.

Our very own Warren Cree, Deputy Group Captain Northern Beaches District NSW RFS, was deployed to the region on Thursday 3 March, including his son Mitchell Cree (OS 2021) and Blake Dutton (OS 2014).

As part of their mission, they prepared hotels and motels to house people from the evacuation centers. A Rapid Damage Assessment was performed on the buildings, they were cleaned and operations were restored as quickly as possible. Over the course of three days, the crew hosed down and mopped out the premises, whilst remaining alert for snakes, COVID, Japanese Encephalitis and sewage. Although the task was difficult, the locals showed remarkable resilience.

The whole experience has certainly left a lifelong impression on Warren Cree and his team.

Here is a compilation of images showing the devastation caused by the floods.


All images and footage have been supplied by members of the NSW Rural Fire Service.