Leo Invictus

17 February 2022

Leo Invictus

Introducing "Leo Invictus", our unofficial School Song, composed to reflect the five values found in Carrington’s Code: Respect, Courage, Integrity, Empathy and Initiative.

We thank Mr Simon Germaine, Acting Deputy Headmaster and Science Master, for writing the wonderful poem, Invictus, and Mr Richard Charlton, a Sydney based composer, who created the music for Leo Invictus, which now takes pride of place in our school diary. 


The chivalrous feline, awakened, now roars
Calling Sydneians; arise to his cause
The thump of his heartbeat excites and enthrals
And unites us as one with his lionised call. 

Respect for your peer group is a firm building ground
For friendships to blossom and be shared all around
Paying homage to fellowship kindles the spark
And camaraderie crackles, illuminating the dark. 

Initiative is vital when leading the pack
With imagination and enterprise, you’ll never look back Creativity and resourcefulness lets your soul fly free
Providing solutions and strategies, the skeleton key. 

As we follow the imprints of this lion’s great paws
His courage recharges us, you one and all
With valour we’re invincible, daring and bold
Our armour now glistening, a barrier of gold. 

The lion’s a symbol of truthfulness and trust Integrity and virtue, a universal must
Let’s model good character, be noble, sincere
And display upstandingness to those who are near. 

And so to our emotions and empathy’s voice Sympathy and compassion are a noble choice Affinity with feelings is a burden now pared
An emotional connection and a journey shared.  

The roar from OUR lion is life’s perfect catch"
For all to cradle, grab hold of and latch
Carrington’s a light who dazzles with pride
So follow his radiance and stand by his side.