Fifth National Edition of the Italian Education Awards 2024

23 May 2024

Fifth National Edition of the Italian Education Awards 2024

Senior secondary school pupils (Years 10 to 12) were invited to write an essay in Italian.

The essay topic was based on the following:

“The war in Ukraine and the many other wars in the world pose many reflections and many questions. While more than half of the world’s population suffers from hunger, billions are spent on the manufacture of weapons of war, including some that, if used, would have devastating effects on the entire planet.  In your opinion, what should rulers do to eliminate wars so that the whole world can enjoy the well-being that only peace can give?”

Antonio Thillainathan (IV JDS/BMM) was awarded First Prize for his sensitive, thoughtful and mature submission.

Antonio reports “my entry was essentially an address to the leaders of the world. I made a direct plea to the world leaders to stop the violence and wars in the world and to think and to communicate as the valuable resources spent in war could be used for better things, like helping the economy of their country. I used an example like that stated in the question of Putin invading Russia and killing civilians with the sole purpose of appearing powerful. I finished with a plea to the leaders, imploring them to use their power for good, to better the world instead of bringing war.”