Concert for Vlad

26 May 2022

Concert for Vlad

The Concert for Vlad was held in the John Vallance Hall on Sunday May 15. A selection of Australia’s finest jazz musicians, including James Morrison, Fabian Hevia, Guy Strazz, Brett Hirst, Simon Sweeney, James Greening, Luke Sweeting, Martin Highland, Craig Simon (OS 1993) and the world-music ensemble Marsala –

joined College Street performers to pay tribute to Mr Vladimir Khusid, a man described by Oliver Duncan (OS 2021) as “a Sydney Grammar icon, a national treasure”.

The concert had many highlights – among them speeches by former Headmasters Dr Ralph Townsend and Dr John Vallance, a rousing rendition of “There Will Never Be Another You” by the Morrison-led “Vlad All-Star Band”, 

and a four-trumpet encore, “Days of Wine and Roses”, featuring Dr Richard Malpass alongside Master-of-Ceremonies Jonathon Hunyor (OS 1989), Morrison and Mr Khusid himself. All those in attendance found it a worthy acknowledgment of the 34-year career (and counting) of one of Grammar’s most beloved pedagogues.

Highlights of the concert can be viewed here:

Concert for Vlad - Full concert:

Vlad Khusid Interview:

Brett Hirst Interview:

Fabian Hevia Interview: