Carnivals at St Ives

23 September 2020

Carnivals at St Ives

Sportsmaster, Mr Brett Townley-Jones, reports on all the action from this year’s Swimming and Cross Country carnivals.

Carnivals provide every boy with the opportunity to demonstrate resilience, courage, empathy and respect, while striving for their personal best. As much as 2020 will be remembered for COVID-19, I’m sure the community within St Ives will remember the House spirit, broken records and the exciting colour the boys bring to the hard fought carnivals.

The Years 3 to 6 Swimming Carnival was held in Term I at Macquarie University Aquatic Centre. Competition was hotly contested with around ten heats in every age group for the 50m freestyle. This trend continued throughout the day with boys vying for a place in each of the finals and relay teams. After winning all carnivals in 2019, Cowper again won the Swimming Carnival for 2020! Special mention to the Junior Cowper relay team for breaking the record, as well as Lucas Lin from Dent for breaking three records in the U11’s 50m Freestyle, Breaststroke and Butterfly events. 

Our Prep to Year 2 boys had their Cross Country Carnival in Term I. With all Prep to Year 2 events, the modifications made to each age group suit all abilities and allow for full participation. First up the Preschool boys did a half lap of Cowper Field, featuring a great sprint finish. The Kindergarten boys followed with a full lap. There were a few falls along the way, but it was great to see a number of boys supporting their friends without regard for their own position. The Year 1 and Year 2 events involved the boys exiting the school to push up Heart Break Hill, challenging themselves all the way to the finish! Congratulations to Healey for winning one of their first carnivals in a while. Congratulations must also go to Harrison McBurney from Francis for taking the honours on the day and for also making the St Ives School team after finishing third in the primary event a week later!

The Year 3 to 6 Cross Country Carnival took on a challenging new course and there were smiles, red faces and non-stop cheering as every boy was supported to the finish. Congratulations to Healey for wining their second carnival in 2020 and first Year 3 to 6 Cross Country Carnival since 2011. Special mention goes to Harvey Todd, Adrian Kwan, Raymond Zhang and James Amoils for winning their event. Well done boys!