#bookstaGram Summer Reading Challenge

13 November 2019

#bookstaGram Summer Reading Challenge

Grammar is holding its very first summer reading challenge: a whole School initiative where boys, staff and parents read the same book over the summer break. 

Current boys have already been issued with their books: Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book for Forms I-II; Sweet Sorrow by David Nicholls for Forms III-V.

Think of it like a School-wide book club, where everyone in the community is reading the same book over the break and then next year, during Lit Week (Monday 10 until Friday 14 February 2020) there will be discussion groups, trivia, competitions and more.

Already we are seeing boys with their noses stuck in their novel wandering the corridors! The English Department warmly encourages parents and siblings to get involved with the reading challenge, and if you have a son entering Form I in 2020, grab him a copy of The Graveyard Book so he, too, can take part in one of the first whole School events for the year.

Happy reading!