Movers Against Domestic Violence

28 November 2022

Movers Against Domestic Violence

Our Prefects have chosen Movers as their preferred charity for 2022-2023. Movers Against Domestic Violence is a small Sydney-based charity dedicated to helping victims of domestic violence escape from crisis situations. Founded in 2015, Movers help to safely and sustainably relocate victims, as well as provide them with the essentials required for resettling.

In Australia, 1 in 6 women and 1 in 16 men have experienced physical or sexual violence from their partners, with only around 50% of cases being reported. Sadly, as many as 61% of victims end up going back to their abusers because they have no other places to stay.

Movers makes an impact by helping victims escape these situations, utilising their team of trained volunteers who are well equipped to respond to urgent requests for help in a quick and efficient manner, and then providing continued support to these victims in helping them settle into their new locations. This includes finding beds and furniture to ensure that these victims are able to overcome the financial and emotional difficulties of escape.

To date, Movers has helped over 500 families sustainably escape from domestic violence. However, they only are able to operate from public donations, and this is where you can make an impact. Throughout the following year, your donations in barbecues, raffles and events can help to make a large difference in our communities, and we are confident that our support will see countless more families who are currently suffering from domestic violence find the safety they need and deserve. 

L to R: Jeffrey Chen (Senior Prefect), Mr Matthew Lonergan (Movers Founder), Milo Abrahams (Second Prefect) and Dr Richard Malpass