Volume 54 No. 8

Sydney Grammar School

Assessment information

Parents and boys may find the following information useful when reflecting on examination results.

In Forms I-IV

1. Boys are graded in each subject. These grades are based upon the rank order of scaled marks. Boys will be given the raw marks and grades for their examination when scripts are handed back, after mark addition and mark entry have been checked.

2. Rank order and the scaled and aggregate marks are not disclosed in Forms I – III.

3. After the Half-Yearly Examinations, we write to the parents of Form IV boys to inform them about their son’s rank within the form and to explain how this rank can help guide boys in their selection of courses for Forms V and VI. Each boy’s overall rank in the Form IV Annual Examinations is reported on his Term IV report.

4. In English, Mathematics, Science and other subjects with a large candidature, boys are placed in grades as set out in point 5 below. The grades for other subjects are based on a scaled mark equivalent to the grades for English, Mathematics and Science.

5. The grades are as follows:

HD – High Distinction – top 10%
D – Distinction – next 20%
Cr – Credit – next 30%
PM – Pass with Merit – next 20%
P – Pass – next 17- 20%
PC – Pass (Conceded) **
N – Not Satisfactory *
** This grade is allocated when a boy gains a mark in the bottom 3% and where the level of achievement is considered of concern.
* This grade is allocated only by special decision of the relevant Subject Master in consultation with the Director of Studies, where the level of achievement is considered unsatisfactory.

6. Class marks (based on homework marks and class test marks) and class positions (based on these class marks only) are also recorded on reports.

7. Names of boys in the highest grade for each subject after the Annual Examinations are published in the Speech Day Booklet.

8. A summary of examination results is posted to parents late in Term II. A full Half-Yearly Report including class marks, examination grades and course comments will be posted to you early in Term III, except in semester-based courses where course comments will not be distributed until late in Term III.

Form V

There are no Half-Yearly Examinations for Form V. Form V boys complete further non-examination style assessment tasks in a cluster towards the end of Term II. The schedule for this cluster has been distributed to the boys. Again, these assessments will be taking place in normal class-time as far as possible.
Subject Reports will be posted at the start of Term III. They will include class marks and course comments. The Director of Studies will issue another assessment statement at this time that will summarise achievement in the tasks completed in Terms I and II.
Boys in Form V will complete the Annual Examinations in late Term III. Examination grades, positions, and overall aggregate will be reported to boys and parents at this time.

Form VI

Parents of boys in Form VI will receive an Assessment Summary at the end of Term II. This will include the raw mark and position for each assessment task completed in the normal way by the end of Term II. Where boys have missed assessment tasks and subsequently completed alternate tasks, these results are not reported on this Assessment Summary.

Dr AD Stevens

Lunchtime privileges, Stanley Street, boys leaving the School unwell, Form VI jerseys and School Assemblies

Lunchtime Privileges

As you are aware, the School extends to boys in Forms II to VI the privilege of visiting the city at lunchtime. Boys in Forms II, III and IV must have a lunchtime pass signed by a parent and countersigned by their Housemaster. The School expects that boys who visit the city at lunchtime will, at all times, be appropriately dressed and conduct themselves sensibly and courteously. Form VI boys with a free period after lunch may have an extended lunchtime visit provided they return in plenty of time for period 7. All other boys must return to school well before the first bell ending the lunch break in order to prepare for afternoon lessons. This privilege is reviewed regularly and can be withdrawn at any time at the School’s discretion.

Cars in Stanley Street

A number of parents who drive their sons to and from school are double parking when dropping off and picking up in Stanley Street. This creates traffic hazards and increases the already very difficult situation in the street. Parents are asked to please drop off and pick up elsewhere before and after school to help minimise inconvenience and danger in Stanley Street.

Boys leaving the School unwell

Boys are reminded in Assembly about the School's policy regarding leaving the school when feeling unwell. If a boy is ill at school, he should attend the Health Centre where he will be assessed and, if appropriate, be allowed to go home. At that point parents will be contacted by the School Nurse. The Senior Housemaster will be advised as well as the boy’s Housemaster and Tutor. Boys should not ring their parents to make arrangements before they visit the Health Centre. Parents should not contact the School to advise that a boy will be leaving the School if the boy has not attended the Health Centre and been assessed. This protocol is also very important for those boys who are unwell and have afternoon commitments for sport, music or other activities.

Form VI Jerseys

Form VI boys have been advised that they are entitled to wear the Form VI jersey at School but that the jersey must be covered by the School blazer in public. Boys are not permitted to wear the jersey to School events such as concerts, sports matches or in Friday assemblies.

School Assemblies

If parents have a special reason for wanting to attend an Assembly, such as for a particular presentation or performance involving their son, they should write a request to the Headmaster at headmaster@sydgram.nsw.edu.au.

Mr TC Watkins

Duke of Edinburgh's Award Information

A reminder that all hike permission forms for the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Adventurous Journeys (to be undertaken in the coming June/July holidays) are due by Friday 8 June. Any forms received after this date run the risk of not being processed in time and hence, the hike not being counted towards a boy’s award. All qualifying expeditions must be undertaken with direct supervision under the management of the Collaroy Centre, Camp Somerset, The Outdoor Education Group, Southbound Adventures or NSW Sport and Recreation. Parents should book and pay for hikes directly with one of the providers listed above and then complete the School's hike permission form and submit this to me by the due date (Friday 8 June).

Please refer to the School’s website ‘Other Clubs and Activities’ and click on Duke of Edinburgh for further information or boys can see me in my office, opposite WM3. The hike permission form is also available on the School website; please download the current form Please note that this form is only for hikes in the upcoming June/July holidays. Forms for other holiday hikes will be posted each term.

I have also received messages from boys and parents regarding the calculation of hours and weeks under the Award rules. Please click on the link to read further about these calculations.

Boys in Form VI are reminded to complete their logs and obtain sign off from their assessors in good time to avoid a rush at the end of Term III.

Ms RM Fin

Netflix series - 13 Reasons Why, Season 2

Can I please draw your attention to the recent release of the Netflix series “13 Reasons Why, Season 2”. Your son may be watching this series and there is considerable concern regarding the content. The series contains sexual assault and suicide in at times highly graphic scenes. I suggest that if your son is watching the series that you watch it with him and I recommend that boys under 15 years do not watch the series (it is rated MA15+). Please see the link below for further information and please contact the School should you have any concerns.


Ms CL Sewell


Grease is the word...

Tickets are selling fast. Don’t miss out!

Sydney Grammar School in association with Ascham School and SCEGGS Darlinghurst presents Grease


Click here for the full article

Winter sports news, holiday camps and exemption from training or Saturday sport

Cross Country

At the Cranbrook Invitational held at Centennial Parklands on Saturday 26 May, Elliot Metcalf and Tom Davies gained selection into the GPS team for the CAS v GPS event to be held on Saturday 4 August. Ben Yates was selected as a reserve for this event. The races on Saturday 26 May were also the selection trials for the CIS Cross Country Championships to be held at Eastern Creek on Thursday 14 June. Twenty-four Grammar runners gained selection.

On Sunday 27 May, eight Grammar Cross Country runners competed in the Balmoral Burn. The teams included T Davies, L Jeffriess, S Jenner, B Yates, E Lowe, J Mentzines, D Rebello and E Metcalf. They competed in the annual “Head of the Hill” High School relay event which involves the runners' taking on an incredibly steep 420m hill.  Against fifty-three other school teams, the Grammar teams finished first and fourth.


Grammar Fencers competed in the final round of the Under 18 Teams Foils Championship on Saturday 19 May and also in the semi-final and final of the AJ Rae Shield on Saturday 26 May.  Our First Team consisting of S Morota-Chu, Y Fontaine, A Crawford and H Thawley defeated Sydney Boys High in the final to win the AJ Rae Shield for the eighth consecutive year.  The Second Team of O Cairns, A Ball, D Mekertichian and P Nicols finished with the bronze medal.  The First Team also won the Under 18 Foils Team Championship event on Saturday 19 May with the Second Team finishing in fourth position.  As a result of winning the AJ Rae Shield, the Grammar First Team has earned the right to represent the School in the AFC Schools Senior Fencing (Foils) Championship held on 28 and 29 July.


At the Headmaster's Assembly on Friday 1 June, the Captain of Football, Oliver White, presented the First XI to the Headmaster.  The First XI players presented were D Matthews, R Palumbo, C Heathcote, A Klimt, B Ainsworth, C Matthews, H Oates, H Klimt, S Marinos and J Challis.

The Captain of Rugby, Francis Brown, presented the First XV to the Headmaster at Assembly on Friday 1 June. Boys presented were N Du, N Ward, C Stathis, A Sackelariou, I Masterman, B Schwartz, S Parras, H Munns, J Brown, L Andrews, S Hemmings, L Ortega, M Seki and S Smith.

Exemption from Training or Saturday Sport

An exemption from sport training or games may be granted in certain cases for the following reasons.

Medical: A doctor’s certificate is required stating the reason and the length of time for which exemption is sought. Medical appointments should be scheduled on non-training days.

Religious: A letter from a parent or guardian is required stating the reason and the approximate duration of the exemption. Exemption from sport to attend a friend’s Bar Mitzvah or other such religious ceremonies will not be granted.

Travel: Consideration will be given if excessive travelling is required.

Requests for leave from sport should be made in writing to the Sportsmaster (please include your son’s full name, Tutorial, sport and team details). Except in unusual circumstances, no request for exemption on a single Saturday will be considered after lunchtime on the Wednesday prior to the game. It should not be assumed that permission will be granted.

Holiday Tennis Camp

A Tennis Camp programmed to accommodate boys of all levels will run from Monday 2 - Friday 6 July. This is a great opportunity to accelerate the acquisition of skills in an instructive and fun environment. The sessions will cover the technical, tactical, physical and psychological aspects of the game. Preparatory School boys will attend from 9am until noon each day. College Street boys will be asked to attend from 1pm until 4pm. The number of positions is limited and application forms are available through the School Office or you can email Mrs Thame at jmt@sydgram.nsw.edu.au.

A Reminder:  The AAGPS Code of Conduct

Below is a section from the AAGPS Code of Conduct which all Schools have agreed to adhere to and which we ask parents to do the same:


1. Parents are asked to make their presence and support as positive as possible.
2. If your school is host, parents are asked to assume some responsibility for making visiting parents feel at home.
3. When visiting another school, the host school’s premises and rules – in matters of parking, tidiness, etc – should be respected. Adults are asked to note that, with the exception of family picnics in some circumstances, alcohol should not be consumed at GPS matches. If in doubt about such matters, visiting parents should check with an official of the host school.
4. Parents should never seek, during or immediately after a match, to give advice to coaches, umpires/referees or to players.
5. Barracking may be enthusiastic, should be positive rather than negative, avoiding excessive attention to the individual – even to praise him. A good example should be set by applauding skilful performance and play regardless of school.
6. Parents can assist their son’s fuller education by being sensible about the number and length of his sporting commitments. While these are regulated within the school context, parents should see that other, outside sporting involvement does not interfere unduly with academic study, religious activities, cultural and social life, as well as time spent with the family.

Mr MA Curran

SGSWA events

Thank you to all the volunteers who have assisted at the Weigall Canteen this year. Below are the remaining dates for the year and the link to the SGSWA's website where you can sign up for volunteering and providing food for the canteen. Please consider volunteering or donating food on your boy's House day as these are very busy days at the Canteen.

Saturday 11 August – Houses attending -  JKR, CXR, JAL
Saturday 18 August – Houses attending -  JDS, LAH, GDL

Click here to sign up for volunteering and food donations. If you have any questions, please contact Jenny Booth at sgswa@sydgram.nsw.edu.au.
Informal Form I Mothers' Dinner 

While the Form I boys are away on camp, Form I mothers are invited to dinner:

Date: Wednesday 6 June

Time: 7:00pm for 7.30pm 
Venue: Dhaksin South Indian Restaurant
Address: 320 Pacific Highway, Crows Nest
There is a council car park in Hume St and additionally on street parking around Crows Nest. For more information please contact Fiona Papadatos on fionapapadatos@gmail.com

Form II Mothers ' and Guardians' lunch

Please join us for an informal lunch:
Date: Friday 22 June, 2018
Time: 12 noon
Place: The Greens North Sydney, 50 Ridge Street, North Sydney
Contacts: Claudia Nemeth de Bikal (nemethc@bigpond.net.au) or Maryann Apte (maryannapte@bigpond.com)
No need to RSVP, just turn up.
Grammar Shop

The Grammar Shop is open:
Monday 12pm - 2pm
Thursday 12pm - 5pm
Friday 12pm - 5pm
For the Grammar Shop price list and order form click here
For the Grammar Shop roster please click here


For the Tuckshop roster please click here

Volunteers 2018

If you would like to be included on the volunteer roster for either the Grammar Shop or the Tuckshop or wish to find out more, please contact Jenny Booth at sgswa@sydgram.nsw.edu.au or on 9332 5858.
Key Dates for Terms II and III

Saturday 28 July: Form I Dinner, Nick’s Bar & Grill (invitations will be sent out soon) King Street Wharf
Thursday 20 September: Form VI Leavers’ Dinner, Cyren, Darling Harbour

All the above information, calendar, contacts and event information are available on the SGSWA website www.sgswa.com.au
Ms S Soorian

Upcoming events

Prefects’ Dinner

Last Thursday night the Fathers’ Association hosted the annual Prefects’ Dinner. This was a very enjoyable evening where the Prefects and their parents were able to get together and listen to our guest speaker, Dr Oliver Watts, an Old Sydneian. The Fathers' Association are very proud to host this event as it provides an opportunity to acknowledge the Prefects for the contribution they have made to the School in their final year. Thank you to the Headmaster, Dr Malpass, the Senior Housemaster, Mr Tom Watkins, and Deputy Senior Housemasters, Mrs Fiona Wyndham and Mr Klaus Ossowski, for attending, and the Fathers’ Association members who attended and supported the evening. Thanks also to Alf Esteban and Wendy Scotter for co-ordinating the event.

Barbecue at Weigall

We held the last BBQ of the term on the weekend just past.

The Term III BBQ are as follows:
Saturday 4 August
Saturday 11 August
Saturday 18 August
The roster will be updated and you can sign up in advance at www.weigallbbq.com
Next Committee Meeting – Thursday 7 June

All Association members are encouraged to attend the meetings of the Committee held at 6.00pm on the first Thursday of the months that fall during the Term. The meetings are held at school, in room SB8 (above Mr Hesketh’s office), are quite informal and are generally over within the hour. If you need further information, please contact the Secretary, Steve Luker at sgsfa.secretary@gmail.com

Mr M Scotter