Volume 54 No. 10

Sydney Grammar School

Dear Parents,

A warm welcome to you all to Term III here at College Street. As ever, the holidays have seen a wide array of exciting activities and trips out from the School, ranging from musical touring in southern New South Wales to our Volleyball tour of Italy, as well as various camps for football, rifle shooting, rugby and tennis.

Of particular note, our Form VI boys are soon to embark upon the Trial Examinations, as well as taking stock of the fact that this is their final term at Grammar.

Thus, as we recognise the imminent transition about to be made by our Form VI boys to the next stage in their lives and careers, it is important to raise the matter of selecting next year’s Prefects. As boys in Form VI approach the Trials and start to become less available for other duties, we begin the process of finding Prefects for the new year. Each year the Headmaster appoints twenty-four Prefects after an election process introduced some years ago following extensive consultation with senior boys. First, we circulate a document to all boys currently in Form V setting out as clearly as we can the duties and responsibilities of Prefects. Then we hold a secret ballot. Every boy in Form V votes for those he thinks would make the best Prefects. The ballot produces a shortlist of forty candidates who are then invited to submit to the Headmaster a written application for the position. There is no set format for the application. After further consultation with Housemasters, and others where necessary, twenty-four Prefects are finally chosen and appointed.

It is most important that the poll not be regarded as a popularity contest. Electors are strongly encouraged to vote for boys they think will carefully and responsibly carry out the duties of Prefect as set out in the briefing notes they are given. Election as a Prefect is not a general reward for participation in the life of the School, nor again a prize for social notoriety. The appointment is seen in many schools as recognition of success in some activity – usually sport. This is not the case here. Each year many very talented boys are not chosen as Prefects; we are concerned simply to find those who are prepared to take on the specific, sometimes uncongenial and onerous duties associated with the position.

At this point I would like to acknowledge what an outstanding job our current Prefects have done over the last three terms. I am immensely proud of their achievements, their faultless dedication and their integrity.

Dr RB Malpass

The Headmaster is available whenever he is not otherwise occupied to see boys without appointment.


Attendance at Weigall, short leave, the School Blazer and Vaccinations

Compulsory Weigall Attendance

The second round of compulsory Weigall attendance will take place at the end of Week 3. JKR House, CXR House and JAL House and selected Form I Tutorials (WJC/KAG, TJC/LDR, CP/AHWD) are rostered on for Saturday 11 August to support senior teams in rugby and football fixtures against St Ignatius’ College. Boys will need to attend from 11.30am to approximately 3.30pm (at the conclusion of the First XI game) and must sign in and out with their tutors. Naturally, the boys' own School sporting fixtures take priority so they will need to make appropriate arrangements with their tutors when there are clashes. Boys will be reminded in assembly that enthusiastic spectator support is to be encouraged but common sense and manners must prevail. Barracking should not be negative or offensive and it must not unfairly target an individual or a match official.

Saturday 18 August is Back to Weigall Day with fixtures being played against Sydney Boys High School. On this day, boys in JDS House, LAH House, GDL House and selected Form I Tutorials (WTR/PRG, AKF/LCJW, PKR/CRMR) are scheduled for compulsory attendance.

Please note that compulsory Weigall attendance does not apply to Form VI boys this term due to Trial Examinations.

Short Leave

Please use the email senior.housemaster@sydgram.nsw.edu.au for short leave applications for boys in Forms II to VI or drop a note in to Masters’ Reception. In keeping with our leave policy, please try and minimise the disruption to classes when organising appointments and applying for unavoidable short leave.

Driving Tests

Leave is occasionally requested for boys to sit driving tests. As you know, we do our best to keep disruption to classes to a minimum. Short leave for this purpose is not automatically given, and permission must be sought from me in writing well in advance.

The School Blazer

Boys in Forms V and VI are entitled to wear the black School blazer as part of their School uniform. Our policy on blazers for boys in lower forms is as follows: boys in Forms I - IV may only choose to wear the black School blazer if they have achieved the award of Full Colours or higher in any School sport.

Health Centre

Boys have been reminded in assembly that they should follow standard practice and visit the Health Centre if they are feeling unwell at school. Boys are not permitted to leave school early when sick unless they have been assessed by the School Nurse. Parents are contacted by the Nurse if a boy needs to leave early.


NSW Health will offer vaccinations to boys in Forms IV and V here at the School. Vaccinations will be held on Thursday 30 August 2018. On this visit the following will be offered:

Meningococcal ACWY -1 dose.
There will also be catch up vaccinations for boys in Forms I and II.
Form I – HPV – dose 1, and dTpa (Diphtheria, Tetanus and Pertussis).
Form II – HPV - for those students who didn’t complete the HPV course in 2017.

Consent packs will be sent home with boys the week prior to the Vaccination Clinic. Only boys whose parents have given consent will receive vaccinations. You are welcome to contact the Health Centre and speak to the School Nurse on 9332 5828 if you have any concerns.

Mr TC Watkins

Family Contacts, Medical Information and Duke of Edinburgh Award

Family Contacts and Medical Information

If any of your contact details have changed since the check completed earlier in February (including telephone contacts, home or postal addresses and emails) please send updated information to the School via email to Mr Joanou in the Bursar’s office, jcj@sydgram.nsw.edu.au

For changes in your son’s medical records (including conditions, medications, allergies etc.) please send this information through to the School Nurse at twk@sydgram.nsw.edu.au

Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme

A reminder that all permission forms for the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Adventurous Journeys (to be undertaken in the coming September/October school holidays) are due by Friday 31 August. Forms received after that date run the risk of not being processed in time and hence, the hike not being counted towards a boy’s award. All qualifying expeditions must be undertaken with direct supervision under the management of the Collaroy Centre*, Camp Somerset, The Outdoor Education Group, Southbound Adventures or NSW Sport and Recreation. Parents should book and pay for hikes directly with one of the providers listed above and then complete the SGS hike permission form and submit this to me by the due date.

*Please note: a briefing session is compulsory for anyone doing their first hike at Collaroy Centre, no matter which level. The next one is Thursday 27 September (the first day of the school holidays).

Please refer to the School website under ‘Other Clubs and Activities’/Duke of Edinburgh for further information, or boys can see me in my office, opposite WM3. The hike permission form is also available on the School website (please download the current form).

All boys who undertook hikes in the June-July school holidays should ensure that they have entered the details into their online record books and that they have completed their hike reports and submitted them to their assessors (as per instructions in my email to parents) to ensure a smooth sign off.

Boys in Form VI are reminded that they need to complete all components BEFORE they finish school, either by the end of this term or after their HSC examinations, otherwise they cannot be signed off by Sydney Grammar School. I need to know which option boys are taking so any Form VI boys intending to complete their awards, should see me urgently if they have not already done so.

Ms RM Fin

AMEB Musicianship Exams, Term III Concert, Combined Bands Concert, Form VI Music Dinner and HSC Performance Recital

Rob Hao Farewell Recital for Cooper Rice-Brading Foundation  (CRBF)

Rob Hao (OS 2017) will perform a solo piano recital on Friday 10 August in Big School before he commences his studies at the Royal College of Music. He will play a program of Alban Berg, Chopin and Bach. Entry by donation ($10) at the door and all proceeds will be donated to the Cooper Rice-Brading Foundation for sarcoma research. The concert will commence at 6pm and is approximately one hour. Enter via Stanley Street. Parking will not be available.

Lesson Cancellations

Please note the following policy which applies to the cancellation of private instrumental lessons. A letter or email must be received by the Music Department no later than the end of week 5 of a term for the cancellation of instrumental lessons to be effective at the end of that same term. Therefore advice for discontinuing instrumental lessons at the end of Term III 2018 must be received by the Music Department no later than Friday 24 August 2018.

Leave from Music Rehearsals

Requests for leave from a music rehearsal or performance must be made in writing to the Music Department. Three days’ notice is required except in unforeseen and urgent cases. Please call the Music Department on 9332 5826 if you are not sure which ensemble your son has been placed in.


Click here for the full article

Recording Absence from Sport on Saturday

New addition to the Grammar App – Recording an absence from sport on Saturday

You are now able to record your son’s absence from Saturday sport by using the Grammar App. To do so, download the App:

  • login and create an account
  • As part of creating an account you will need to register the sport your son is playing
  • Once you have created an account, you will be able to use the “Add Sport Absence” button which appears on the Sport Fixtures section 
  • By clicking on the “Add Sport Absence” you will be directed to complete the form.

Please remember that this system is to be used for absence from Saturday sport only. If your son is at School and is not well enough to attend afternoon sport training, then the normal procedure as set out in School Rule 18 must be followed:

18. Illness at School: Boys who are ill at School must report to the Health Centre. They must ensure that their illness is recorded there and obtain a copy of that record. If discharged they must return to class immediately; if sent home, they must first obtain a note from the Headmaster, the Form I Housemaster, the Director of Studies or the Senior Housemaster.

School Rule 23 is still current:

23. Leave from Sport and Music: Requests for exemption from a sports game or practice or music rehearsal or performance, must be in writing to the Sportsmaster or the Director of Music. Three days’ notice is required except in unforeseen and urgent cases.

Rifle Shooting

Our First and Second rifles teams competed in the AAGPS Rifles Competition held on Tuesday 24 and Wednesday 25 July at Hornsby Rifle Range. The Grammar Seconds performed well finishing in third place. Congratulations to Newington College on winning the First competition and Shore on winning the Second competition. Congratulations to Alexander Trewartha for selection in the 2018 AAGPS Rifles Team.

Cross Country

In the All Schools Cross Country held at Eastern Creek on Friday 27 July, Elliot Metcalf (VI) placed third in the 18 years boys 8000m event and Thomas Davies (V) sixth in the 17yrs boys 6000m event. In the 14yrs 4000m, Oliver Freeman (II) came third and Luc Jeffriess (III) finished seventh in the 15yrs . Well done to all the boys.


On Wednesday 18 July, boys from the First and Second XI travelled to Oxford Falls to compete in the St Pius X College tournament. The tournament comprised four games of 20 minute halves, with both school and club teams participating. The first game of the day was against St Pius X First XI, which resulted in a 1-0 win to Grammar. Christopher Matthews was the scorer. Game two was against The King's School. Matthew Wahby and Adam O’Connor scored in the second half for a 2-0 win. The third game was the most challenging game against Manly United U16 with Manly winning 1-0. The final game resulted in a 3-0 win against St Pius U16, with Matthew Wahby, Adam O’Connor and Richard Palumbo scoring.

In the recent holidays, Grammar conducted a football clinic with two high performance coaches from Real Madrid, Spain. Boys from Year 3 to Form IV came together to train in a world class environment. The camp ran over four-days in beautiful weather on the synthetic pitch at Parklands, Moore Park. The Grammar coaches who attended gained valuable knowledge from the international coaches.



Boys attended training camps at both St Ives and Weigall during the holiday period. All camps were well attended with the highlight being the interaction between junior boys (K-G3) and the senior boys (G6-F3). Special thanks to Mr Ben Staunton and Mr Tyrone Smith who led the camps at both venues.

The remaining rugby fixtures for the 2018 season:

  • Saturday 4 August against The Armidale School at Weigall where all rugby boys will participate in the Batyr “one sock one goal” youth mental health awareness program.
  • Saturday 11 August against Saint Ignatius' College, also at Weigall.
  • The last match of the season is on Saturday 18 August against Sydney Boys High School at Weigall, which is “Back to Weigall Day”.

On Friday 24 August, the First and Second XV players and their parents have been invited to attend the End of Season Dinner in Big School.

Information regarding the 2019 Rugby World Cup Tour will be provided later this term.





The Athletics season runs from Monday 20 August to Saturday 22 September. Ms Govers will review results from the SGS Athletics Carnival held earlier in the year as well as have meetings with boys who have an interest in Athletics with a view to entering a team in the AAGPS Athletics Carnival at Homebush on Saturday 22 September (Forms I - V to attend).

Holiday tennis camp

A tennis camp programmed to accommodate boys of all levels will run from Tuesday 2 October to Friday 5 October. This is a great opportunity to accelerate the acquisition of skills in an instructive and fun environment. The sessions will cover the technical, tactical, physical and psychological aspects of the game. Preparatory School boys will attend from 9am until noon each day. College Street boys will attend from 1pm until 4pm. The number of positions is limited. Application forms are available through the School office or you can email Jo Thame at jmt@sydgram.nsw.edu.au


Summer Sport

Boys will be asked to select a sport for the upcoming summer season. Once summer sport choices are made they are final for the duration of the season. Please contact the Sportsmaster’s Assistant, Jo Thame, on 9332 5832 if you have any questions.

Training will be as follows:
Forms I and II – Monday and Wednesday
Forms III, IV and V – Tuesday and Thursday.

Summer Sport Trials

Please check the sports calendar on the School website for full coverage of summer sport trials, which commence on Monday 3 September (Athletics training takes priority over all summer sport trials). Summer sport camps and trial fixtures for Opens teams organised for the September/October holidays will also be published on the School website.  

Cricket - Helmets

It is important for safety in cricket that all boys obtain and bring to all games and practices their own properly fitting helmet with a face guard. The helmet must be worn when keeping wicket, fielding within ten metres of the bat or batting. Close-in fieldsmen will not be excused from wearing the helmet and all batsmen are required to wear the helmet unless explicitly excused for good reason by the coach or master-in-charge in circumstances where there is a low risk of injury. A boy’s helmet must be marked clearly with his name (e.g. by sticker) and boys are not permitted to wear another boy's helmet.

Volleyball Tour

The recent volleyball tour of Italy saw Ms Trinh Loi (Director of Volleyball), Mr Alan Campbell (Director of Cricket), Mr Sam Woodward (St Ives Preparatory School) and twenty boys selected from across the Open volleyball teams visit a range of cities, experiencing Italian art and culture, and playing a high level of volleyball.

In addition to the pizza and pasta, the boys: Jared Adams, Sam Cleary, Lochlann Doyle, Jonah Green, Mikey Grogan, Hugh Lam, Andrew Ren, Peter Taurian (all Form V), Marcus Allan, Jackson Gordon, Aaron Heydon, Kerry Huang, Steven Huang, George Jabbour, Ned Kingston, Oliver Ma, Shelby Narborough, Quentin So (all Form IV), Damon Dyer, Albert Tang (both Form III), enjoyed guided tours of Milan, Lake Como, Verona, Venice, Florence and Rome. St Peter’s Basilica, the Colosseum and the Sistine Chapel were among the cultural highlights of the trip.

The fourteen-day tour was hugely successful. The Grammar teams played eleven matches, recorded two wins and a draw with sets being won in almost every match played. This is quite an achievement considering these matches were against club representative sides, including the top Italian club, Modena Volley and a men’s team. This tour was a once in a lifetime experience.

Ms TT Loi

A Public Forum – Sydney Grammar School and the Public Interest Advocacy Centre

On Tuesday 7 August at 6pm at College Street, Sydney Grammar School and the Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC) will be holding a forum addressing matters relating to mental health. 

PIAC is an independent non-profit legal centre that works for justice for disadvantaged, marginalised and vulnerable people.
Sydney Grammar is pleased to be supporting such an important event and we do hope members of the Grammar community and friends are able to join us, and PIAC’s CEO Jonathan Hunyor (OS).
Bookings are essential. Click here for the full details and how to book.

Ms T Demetriou

Science Festival

FACT or FICTION – Big Science

Thursday 16 August, Alastair Mackerras Theatre, 7 – 8:30pm

Sydney Grammar School is again hosting a number of events for the Australian Museum as a part of their annual Science Festival. Back by popular demand is ‘Fact or Fiction’, an inspiring, interactive and educational game engineered by ANSTO – Australian Nuclear Science & Technology Organisation.

The latest episode of the Fact or Fiction series takes a big look at Big Science – what are the world’s large-scale science projects, what might they deliver, and what you need to do to be involved.
As the audience, you can be a contestant by using your phone as we take a deep dive into Big Science using popular game show formats like Millionaire Hot Seat, Family Feud, The Price is Right, and Have You Been Paying Attention.

Age suitability: 8 years and above. Based on the successful format of the first two shows, Fact or Fiction will appeal to a wide range of all audiences as a highly entertaining and educational show.

This is a free event. Bookings are essential, click here to book now.

Annual Army Cadet Corps Camp

Army Cadets are reminded that Annual Camp will take place at the end of this term. As advertised on the School website and in the enrolment application paperwork, the dates of the camp are Thursday 27 September to Wednesday 3 October (the first seven days of the holidays). The camp is compulsory and is the highlight of the Army Cadet Corps' year.

Please ensure that arrangements are made to obtain appropriate wet weather gear and an adequate sleeping bag by this time. More specific details will be issued to each boy in the Joining Instructions later this term.

Time of return is approximately 4.30pm on Wednesday 3 October.

Major (AAC) WJ Cree, Officer Commanding

Hawaii Volcanoes Science Tour - Information Evening

Information Evening for Hawaii Volcanoes Science Beyond the Curriculum Tour, September 2019

Wednesday 15 August 2018 from 6-7pm in the Edward Barton Room.


Click here for the full article

European Battlefields Tour April 2019

There are still a few places available for boys and their families to participate in a nineteen-day tour of significant battlefields and historic sites in Turkey, Greece, Belgium and France in April 2019. The tour will depart at the end of Term I 2019, leaving Wednesday 10 April to return Sunday 28 April.

The tour is for boys in Forms I to V in 2019 and their families. As this is a family based tour, we suggest that a parent or parents or an adult family member or friend tour with each boy. Other family members are also welcome to join the tour. Masters will accompany the tour and there will be specialist guides in some locations. 

At this stage the tour cost will be approximately $7,840 per person and the tour is organised by Academy Travel, www.academytravelschools.com.au. Further details and the itinerary are available from Mr Peter Whild on 9332 5806 or email pjw@sydgram.nsw.edu.au

Mr PJ Whild


National Science Week and Science Beyond the Curriculum

Nanopillars: The New Bacteria Busters

Science Beyond the Curriculum is pleased to host a presentation by Professors Elena Ivanova and Russel Crawford on this fascinating and cutting edge technology. The event in on Monday 20 August, 6-7pm in Big School.

Click here for the full article

SGSWA events

Parents wanted for the Weigall Canteen

On Saturday 11 and 18 August, Houses and Form I Tutorials will be attending Weigall to watch our First and Second rugby and football teams play. These are fantastic opportunities for the whole family to join in and enjoy the Grammar spirit. It is also the perfect opportunity to spend an hour in the warmth of the canteen or on the barbecue, working with other Grammar parents. We would love your support in the Weigall canteen. Please drop in and help out and/or bring along some baked goods to sell (you don't have to bring home-baked goods).
The SGSWA run the canteen at Weigall. Please add your name to the volunteer rosters (click here).

Dress for Success

We were proud to present a cheque to the value of $1900 (raised at the Literary Lunch) to our charity of choice, Dress for Success. We were also fortunate to have Vicki Hartley, acting CEO, come speak about the purpose and goals of the charity at our Committee meeting. Thank you to all parents who participated in the fundraising.

We will also be setting up donation bins at the Weigall canteen on Saturday 11 and 18 August, calling for any gently worn, work appropriate second hand or new shoes and handbags to further contribute to this charity. 

Form III Mothers’ and Guardians’ lunch

Please join us for an informal lunch:
Date: Friday 24 August
Time: 12 noon
Place: Barbetta, 2 Elizabeth Street, Paddington (Please note change of venue)
Contacts: Maryann Apte maryannapte@bigpond.com or Liz O'Connell liz_oconnell@hotmail.com
No need to RSVP, just turn up.

Form VI Leavers’ Dinner – Thursday 20 September

Could Form VI families please save the date for the 2018 Leavers’ Dinner, hosted by the Women’s Association, on Thursday 20 September at Cyren Bar-Grill-Seafood, Darling Harbour. Invitations will be sent out shortly.
Grammar Shop

The Grammar Shop is open:
Monday 12pm - 2pm
Thursday 12pm - 5pm
Friday 12pm - 5pm
For the Grammar Shop price list and order form click here
For the Grammar Shop roster, please click here

Last term we said farewell to Lauren and Phoebe, who have taken time off to travel and study. We would like to wish them both the best of luck. We would also like to extend a warm welcome to Ana and Carolina.  

For the Tuckshop roster, please click here

Second-hand Textbook Sale for Form VI on Friday 14 September

There will be a second-hand sale of Form VI books in the Grammar Shop on Friday 14 September, before school from 7.30am and during recess (10.33-10.50am). Form VI or Old Boys who have books in good condition that they no longer need, should drop them off prior to the sale day.
Key Dates for Terms III and IV

Thursday 20 September – Form VI Leavers’ Dinner
Wednesday 7 November - AGM
Thursday 14 November – Pink, Passion & Purpose dinner
Friday 30 November - receiving second-hand books for Forms IV & VI, sale day for Form IV
Monday 3 December – receiving second-hand books
Tuesday 4 December – receiving second-hand books
Wednesday 5 December - Second-hand Book Sale

Black & Gold Social Ski Team

In the last week of the holidays, the boys from the Black & Gold ski team threw their hats in the ring at the Sydney Interschools Snowsports Championships held at Perisher. The competition is open to all schools in the Sydney region and over 350 schools competed in six divisions ranging from Kindergarten to Form VI. Our Division 2 team (Henry Pike, Ari Thangaraj, Rupert Tehan and Jack Morton (Form III) placed sixth in both Alpine and Skier Cross. Our Division 3 team (Taj Astill, Will Jones, Remy Sloan and Xavier Vitalis (Forms I and II) placed sixth in moguls, twelfth in Alpine and seventeenth in Skier Cross. Special congratulations to Henry Pike (Form III) who moved at a cracking pace, individually placing ninth in both Alpine and Skier Cross and therefore qualifying for the NSW State Interschools Snowsports Championships.


All the above information, calendar, contacts, secondhand instruments for sale and event information are available on the SGSWA website www.sgswa.com.au

Ms S Soorian

New SGSFA Website, Upcoming Barbeque at Weigall and next Committee Meeting

New SGSFA Website

Please take the time to visit the new SGSFA website, located at www.sgsfa.com.au which includes links to the BBQ roster, our newsletters and other information. We welcome your comments or suggestions.

Upcoming Barbecue at Weigall: Saturday 4 August, SGS v The Armidale School

Welcome back to Term III barbecue season! The next barbecue will be held on Saturday 4 August and the Fathers’ Association is looking for volunteers to assist with cooking or front counter duties during the rugby games. If you would like to be on the roster (which is available in one-hour slots), please enter your details at weigallbbq.com. Please review the roster and select gaps where possible.

The following week (Saturday 11 August) home games will be played in rugby and football against St Ignatius' College. The last weekend of the season (18 August) is Back to Weigall Day against Sydney Boys High School. We expect a big turnout of patrons at both fixtures, so please save the date in your diary.

Next Committee Meeting – Thursday 2 August

The next Committee meeting with be held on Thursday 2 August. All Association members are encouraged to attend the meetings of the Committee, held at 6.00pm on the first Thursday of the months that fall during the term. The meetings are held at School, in room SB8 (above Mr Hesketh’s office), are quite informal and are generally over within the hour. If you need further information, please contact the Secretary, Steve Luker, at sgsfa.secretary@gmail.com.

Contact with the Association

Please feel free to contact us about any matters of interest to you. The Association is only too happy to assist in any way it can. The most direct method of contact is via email sgsfa.president@gmail.com

Mr M Scotter